Unlist or archive a post when it has no reply per category

Hello. This feature – unlist or archive a post when it has no reply after x amount of time per category – would be super useful not to have the Annoucement category (single post topics) filling up the Latest listing.

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Welcome mononym!

I’m not sure I understand.

If you want single post topics, there’s already a topic timer feature that set an automatic action after some time:

This is widely used here on meta, where replies are automatically deleted after a month.

Is that what you’re asking?

There’s also this plugin that allows automated actions:

edit: I forgot to read the “category” thing… :slight_smile:

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Categories have this setting:


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Thanks. For the Topic Timer, I would prefer not to have to do this manually on each topic when it is an announcement. But does ‘auto-close’ from the Category setting also unlist the topic from the Latest landing page?

The issue I’m facing is that all the announcements (like events and open calls, i.e. single post topics) are filling up the landing page and the discussed topics are being buried.

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Hi, it closes but doesn’t hide it. :slight_smile:

You could also use the category security settings to prevent users from being allowed to create topics and reply to existing ones. This is how releases is configured on meta, for example.

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It would be exactly the hiding (after X time) feature we’re looking for.

For the security – like the release – it’s not in our use case. Every member is allowed to post new topics with announcements. That’s the issue at hand: many announcements overshadowing the topics with longer discussions. If the announcements would be hidden after let’s say a week, the discussion topics would have more visibility.

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I think I found a solution with a combination of two settings:

  1. Hide a certain category (here, Announcements) from the Latest listing.
  2. Add to the Navigation Bar (Latest, New, Top, …) a link towards a single category (here, Annoucements)

That would be 1: muting the category by default, and 2: adding it to the Navbar with GitHub - discourse/Discourse-nav-links-component

As mononym I would really like an extra option for this feature, not only to close but also unlist it