Unlisted topics show up under "New"

I went over to the New tab because I missed some things from Latest apparently, and I had an unlisted thread appear in the list. The forum it happened on is a private one, but the Discourse staff have an account there. Link to unlisted thread that showed up in New.

Image of it showing up in New (bottom one):

Possibly a minor bug, @techapj can you repro, if a new topic is marked unlisted, does it still show up on people’s new tabs?

Assuming this is as an admin, I think that is correct behavior

My account’s trust level is member, and isn’t an admin.

Is this unlisted item still there on reload?

Is this a case where we did not yank it out of the stream, live?

Can anyone see “I am an unlisted topic” under “new” in meta now?

Not I. (and more characters)

Edited: I had a notification of it, but that’s it.

Flicking this to support, I guess we should yank the notification that is a bug.

I can’t. I’m not sure how unlisted topics work, but did you set it as unlisted before it was posted (not sure if people with appropriate permissions can do that)? Or did you set it to unlisted after it was initially posted public? If that doesn’t get it to show up in New, maybe the key thing is locking it before unlisting it? Maybe the thread mentioned in OP showing up in New was just a fluke?

Here’s my account page on the other forum if it helps.

There are 2 issues:

  1. If you “unlist” a topic, people that have a screen open and looking at the “new” list still see it as “new” until they refresh.

  2. If you are watching everything you will get notifications about the “new” topic, we do not yank the notifications out of you notification list.


I didn’t have the New list open when the topic was unlisted (3 days ago). Last time I looked at New was probably last month.

Notification list as in this thing? I never got a notification about it there.

My browser window has that forum open 24/7 all the time – no doubt it was open when that thread got posted. Maybe that makes a difference?

yes that makes the difference, we don’t send a “live update” to all clients telling them a topic became unlisted and must be removed from all “new/latest” lists, we should do that.

I will leave this under #bug but it is very subtle.

Aha then this is a feature req. I’ll recat.