UNOFFICIAL - Release video for Discourse v1.1 "Aeschines"

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Version 1.1:

I’ve been wanting to learn more about video editing, so for my first iMovie project (no budget for Final Cut Pro yet I’m afraid) I decided to make a video mimicking the format of the WordPress release video, hopefully with voiceover next time.

Please note that this is not intended for general consumption. Since it was a learning project I didn’t spend time on polishing. Should however a similar video be desirable for the v1.2 release, I would be happy to spend more time making a solid showcase video.

Comments on pacing, timings, use of effects, transitions etc. are very welcome. And what did you think about the tune?

p.s. If some well-spoken smooth talker would like to volunteer for voice-overs, let me know. I tried myself, but my voice and my Norwegian dialect doesn’t lend itself well to this sort of thing.


Really like the video, flagging thing is not that new but it does highlight the new feature really well. A bit more focus on search and perhaps a “before/after” thing would help give it more oomph

I would really love to link to a video like this from our blog, even for 1.1 if we could get it all right, but will let @codinghorror chime in first :slight_smile:

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I love the concept but I wonder if it is better to make smaller per feature videos maybe even animated gifs.

I love it too.
~2 minutes doesn’t seem too long of a time for my current attention span.

Do you think
Content-Length: 5244759
is too much weight?

I was thinking of doing “before/after”, but do to that effectively I need to first figure out how to set up a developer instance of Discourse and how to run older versions on it. Might be a while still…

If you give me some specs for an official v1.1 movie I’d be happy to give it a go. Just remember you’re talking to a guy who first started playing around in iMovie 2 days ago :smile:

It’s not that great of a stretch to aim for both. When I have the footage I need to make a short video, making a collection of gifs (say, for more static feature pages) is just a matter of reusing the assets i’ve already got.

Because we love @erlend_sh, I went ahead and retroactively added this video to the old 1.1 release blog post:

I think it’s plenty good enough to ship, and since we do these videos for every release, I felt it would be nice to include this first one as well.

Why, it feels like it was only 417 days ago… :wink: