Update Failed - Babel chat has left overs?

Hi just recently had a failed to bootstrap.

Babel Chat was removed long ago from app.yml and site rebuild many times since. However during rebuild it mentions @Babel errors/request.

From searching I have removed it as prescribed but for some reason there seems to be Babel Chat plugin left overs.

Babel has nothing to do with Babble chat. These are two different things.

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Unless it is something in core as far as I know I don’t have anything installed that would have Babel.

Babel is a javascript compiler, it is part of the core infrastructure.

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Does the screenshot help with what is going wrong?

Running test past.

These are warnings, not fatal errors, I suggest ignoring them. Something else is likely causing your bootstrap to fail, I suggest scrolling down.


Not sure what changed. But it seemed to rebuild correctly and site up again.

Thank you


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