Update my install to the newest version - from

I have standard install of discourse running on a digital ocean cloud server, I used the Official Discourse Install Guide to install and update

I was updating on my own using the guide but up until recently ran into a snag with some new files being added and whatnot. I restored my droplet to a previous snapshot so its running 100% on at the moment

This should be simple for someone who knows what he/shes is doing, there are no customizations on my install other than a custom header

I can give you root access to my droplet on digital ocean and paypal you your price for updating


Eh, sure, I’ll do it. PM me.

My public key is this, add it to the root’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys instead of giving me the password:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDSnKNsGL1muizhZ/QN/2xNkIvoeG3AkeWz/0SV/AaVKxnsMvbTHIJXe2vle6lSU/6YRRr/BCsCIrZb4qk0/vlx/p5pJmqhT7Wp8XIYnmBGO5B38PT2aycKoHIWT3Os9ExmyrFfClOrjfcUxzE1pF43myqDD0B7SpmzBWcMLDpl5D2pza4EmsOgF6eB0OGDmM9gBA9wswHa9At2337heZAN/bVRZ49YpAG02gTuQuVdb00ioQpv6rAZUsANiQh0XycqHvE0RBvGlwjfLHGe9GYYPrKLeFPLeKreERbfWnM5PAmexLG0I09WvyY3ChN0X9y6KH5Q1b+vWAMwIV9dyuRZ kane@kane-HP-ENVY-TS-15-Notebook-PC

Thanks, I appreciate it

PM sent

(FWIW since you already seem to have found a solution)

We offer migrations from Bitnami (or any other hosted instance) to our Discourse hosting service.
The migration is free if you commit for at least one year.


I have just installed Docker on stance’s DO instance, and it’s working great.

The backups in the admin panel are great - create backup and download from old forum, start Docker, upload backup (thanks @zogstrip!) , enable restore, restore backup, stop the container, start the container, and we’re all done!

Additionally, here’s a command to copy your assets into Docker, assuming ./launcher ssh works:

cd /home/discourse/public/assets
scp -P 2222 customimage1.png customimage2.png favicon.ico localhost:/var/www/discourse/public/assets

EDIT: It’s kinda weird to think that if I did this just 1 day earlier, it would’ve been harder for me to move the backup to the new install. That’s the perks of living on the bleeding edge! :wink: