Updated discourse and now my spacing is off

Not sure what happened here. While updating through the admin I got an error- so I went and used ./launcher rebuild app using terminal

Seems the update went through however my spacing is off ( the site )

I also noticed this “object” text in the dashboard…

Should I try “rebuild” one more time?

Ninja Edit:

Something is definitely off- share functionality isn’t right either

I can’t access your site link at the minute, but I think it may be a theme component that is interfering with the core code. You could try safe mode to check (FlyNumber Discuss), and if everything works with the theme and plugins disabled then that should help you to be able to pin down which one it is.

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It appears that your site had some corrupted assets during the rebuild. Can you try rebuilding again?


Just did it and worked! - Thank you

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I think you may have tried while rebuilding ( its back up now and working OK ) - at the time I did disable the Header links component ( I think that’s what its called ) - I’m not sure there were any other plugins to disable

Neat, this sounds useful

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I think it would have been while you were rebuilding - it works perfectly now. :+1: Safe mode is really useful for checking if any custom themes or plugins are the cause of anything, and can often give you a hint as to what might be the issue.

Though in this case I don’t think it would have helped. :slightly_smiling_face: As @Falco identified, it seems you got some corrupted assets during your first rebuild and needed to do another. I’m glad it’s up and running now though. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


That’s what I was thinking as far as any future tinkering I do with discourse. I plan on really getting into the customization features so safe mode will be useful

I’ve had the software since 2013 and it’s aged like fine wine, more refined, with more flavor.

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Out of curiosity, what can cause a rebuild to corrupt assets?

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