Admin upgrade page does not exist

I have a discourse website
I saw a message on the admin dashboard which asks to upgrade the website but the upgrade link is not there and the upgrade page does not exist.
Please suggest what to do. I do not see any errors on the website.

You can do manual update.

Thanks. Manual update works fine. But I wanted to know why the page is not there. I need to do it myself or give access to the server to someone in this case.

I have more discourse sites, all installed in the same way but they show upgrade page and option. This one does not.

what is the url you are going to when you are trying to update? On my site it’s at /admin/upgrade. If you go there on your site, what do you see?

Also there is a link on the admin dashboard to “Perforrm upgrades here.”

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  1. I dont see “Perform upgrades here” text
  2. When I go to /admin/upgrade, I get - this page does not exist or is private.
    I am logged in as admin.

I have never seen a discourse site not on a subdomain. How/why did you install it on instead of using a subdomain like Do you have any other problems with your site?

All my sites are on main domain only. No other problems.
How - I dont see any difference in using sub domain or main domain.
Why - I am using this as main website. It has every feature I need for now.


And all your sites with no other problems are discourse forums? Or is this your only discourse forum?

I have multiple discourse sites. all on main domains. no issues.

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cool - that’s good to know. are you seeing this problem with the admin upgrade page not existing on any of your other sites?

no. only on this one.

ok I guess I’m barking up the wrong tree then. :dog: :palm_tree:

It’s good to know there are no issues with sites on the main domain.

I honestly don’t know what the issue is you are having. Either you are not logged in as admin when you go to /admin/upgrade or you have an oddball installation issue, perhaps with a plugin.

I am admin as I can upgrade the themes and components.
About plugin - may be. Lets call it a day unless someone else also faced it and they can come n share their experience.
Thanks a lot.

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Are you sure this is a default docker setup and not a custom one?

I always use the guide. I have never used custom docker.

Is there a way to check?

Do you have the discourse_docker plugin installed?

No. I only have discourse-adplugin installed.

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The Discourse-docker plugin is what provides /admin/upgrade