Upload modal window with customisable warning / text area

Dear all,
in our forum we allow upload of images and yes, it is a crucially important feature. We do try our best to enforce respect of copyright laws, and we detailed our guidelines on the matter in a dedicated topic.

As you can expect, we have anyhow several cases of images uploaded by users disregarding the guideline, not maliciously but rather because new users are not always aware of the existence of the guideline topic and they share without thinking hey might be violating copyright laws.

My point is: to help the poor staff/moderators in charge of enforcing the copyright guidelines, would it be possible to customise the upload modal window by allowing the addition of a free text area (e.g. allowing us to say, hey, sure you’re doing stuff compatible with the guideline?), or even a checkbox one must check before being allowed to confirm the upload?

@andrei is in the middle of completely removing that modal, so overriding it is not going to be the way to go.

It is possible a theme component though could add a modal back in after the change. It would take a fair bit of work to get a modal like that done in a theme component, I estimate 2-4 days of work for a seasoned front end developer via #marketplace

But I would recommend waiting on our current round of changes first.


The upload modal was removed in this PR:

Now we just trigger system file pickers directly.