Uploading branding images results in links returning 404 errors

Our custom branding assets have suddenly stopped working, and we are unable to upload them again. When we try to upload from the Settings page, there’s no error, and all appears well, but the image file is not there in the 1X folder, and the resulting URL returns a 404.

I couldn’t find any errors in the logs that I checked, in /shared/logs, and I’ve also checked if the permissions of the folder 1X were corrupt, but I couldn’t find anything. There’s no error messages at all, which isn’t leading me anywhere.

Can you help resolve this or advice where I can look to get more information please? This is at https://community.appsmith.com.

I couldn’t upload screenshots here for some reason, so I’ve uploaded them here: https://gist.github.com/sharat87/e7aec7d60344626d3a749e260a9837b6.

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Can you check the Network tab on your browser’s devtools? Maybe there’s some error or info there.


Hey, thanks for getting back.

So I tried getting a screenshot of the Console by reproducing the error, but, turns out I can’t anymore. The uploads are all working fine this morning and I have no idea. We haven’t changed anything in the server. No idea why it wasn’t working yesterday and no idea why it’s working now.

Either way, we can’t reproduce the problem anymore, so I suppose we can close this conversation. I’ll report if we see this again.

Btw, does Discourse run any daily jobs of some sort to repair/cleanup its assets? Would that have made a difference here?

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Yes it does, but I am not sure what the issue was here, so I can’t speak to if that was what made the difference.

That said, it could have just been some internet or network connectivity issue that happened locally on your end or on your server or on your connection via your ISP to your server. These things pop up from time to time. Glad it is resolved now though.