Uploads broken after moving to subfolder

We followed this guide to forward from a subdomain to a subfolder, and for the most part it’s working very well. However, all of my post uploads are 404ing, even after the remap command, for both /uploads and /forum/uploads.

I noticed that when I try to ls -l public/forum/uploads I get public/forum/uploads -> ../uploads, but trying ls -l public/uploads yields cannot access ../uploads: No such file or directory.

Well, that was easy. In the guide, I followed I was instructed to include this in my app.yml:

  - exec:
      cd: $home
        - mkdir -p public/forum
        - cd public/forum && ln -s ../uploads && ln -s ../backups
        - rm public/uploads
        - rm public/backups

I removed the last two lines:

        - rm public/uploads
        - rm public/backups

and rebuilt and now all is well. :thumbsup: