Uploads migration to S3 was not successful at all

We have recently migrated the uploads to an AWS S3 Container, but there’s some stuff that is broken at this moment
Uploaded files still use the “old” path:

At our community, people can upload project files to share with our users, which are not treated as images
Due to this, posts having <a href="/uploads/default/...">Blah blah blah</a> point to our community instead of the community CDN (which is AWS), not like images

Images are working properly, but other files are not
What have I missed during the migration?

Have you done a

 rake posts:rebake

Yes, and I did it now again, and the problem persists

root@community ~# cd /var/discourse
root@community /v/discourse# ./launcher enter app
which: no docker.io in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
root@community-app:/var/www/discourse# rake posts:rebake
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
    69576 / 69567 (100.0%)
69576 posts done!

Check, for example, this topic

At the bottom there are two files to download, and none of them is working

Fixed my making a remap: