Use CMD+K Shortcut to Move Between All Focused Sidebar Options

I love the CMD-K option of moving between chat channels. I'd love it even more if it included all the focused sidebar options (Everything, Tracked, My Posts, each Category, etc.)


This is an interesting and pretty compelling idea to consider making a more generic “Jump to…” shortcut (with precedence in apps like Slack that many will likely be familiar with).

I could see it potentially swallowing up a variety of things (e.g. search).

I’d love to keep this topic open for a while to just get ideas flowing for what people think they might actually use it for. What things specifically would you like to be able to “jump to…”

Bonus points if you can tell it in the form of a story that illustrates a real world scenario where you would have liked to use it.

“I was reading a topic in my community where someone mentioned baked potatoes, and I remembered there was a great topic about sour cream I’ve been meaning to reply to, so I went to search for it. If I could have clicked ‘cmd+k’ and then just start typing to get there, that would have felt great.”

Here is our current keyboard shortcuts (so cool I can just copy and paste it!):

keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Jump To

  • g, h Home
  • g, l Latest
  • g, n New
  • g, u Unread
  • g, c Categories
  • g, t Top
  • g, b Bookmarks
  • g, p Profile
  • g, m Messages
  • g, d Drafts
  • g, j Next Topic
  • g, k Previous Topic


  • = Open hamburger menu
  • p Open user menu
  • c Create a new topic
  • . Show updated topics
  • / or Ctrl+Alt+f Search
  • ? Open keyboard help
  • x, r Dismiss New
  • x, t Dismiss Topics
  • Shift+z Shift+z Log Out


  • f Toggle bookmark topic
  • t Reply as linked topic
  • Shift+r Reply to topic
  • r Reply to post
  • q Quote post
  • Shift+p Pin/Unpin topic
  • Shift+s Share topic
  • s Share post
  • l Like post
  • ! Flag post
  • b Bookmark post
  • e Edit post
  • d Delete post
  • m, m Mute topic
  • m, r Normal (default) topic
  • m, t Track topic
  • m, w Watch topic
  • Ctrl+p Print topic
  • Shift+u Defer topic
  • Shift+a Open topic admin actions


  • u Back
  • # Go to post #
  • k/j Move selection ↑ ↓
  • o or Enter Open selected topic
  • Shift+j/Shift+k Next/previous section
  • Shift+l Go to the first unread post


  • Shift+c Return to composer
  • Shift+F11 Fullscreen composer


  • Enter Save and close
  • l, t Later today
  • l, w Later this week
  • n, d Tomorrow
  • n, b, w Start of next week
  • n, b, d Next business day
  • c, r Custom date and time
  • n, r No reminder
  • d, d Delete bookmark

Search Menu

  • / Move selection up and down
  • a Insert selection into open composer
  • Ctrl+Enter Launches full page search


  • Ctrl+k Open quick channel selector
  • Alt+/Alt+ Switch channel
  • Ctrl+b Bold (composer only)
  • Ctrl+i Italic (composer only)
  • Ctrl+e Code (composer only)
  • Ctrl+l Insert hyperlink (composer only)
  • - Open chat drawer
  • esc Close chat drawer

Templates (within a textarea)

  • Ctrl+Shift+I Insert template

Also available in the sidebar:

I enjoy and use most of the shortcuts; because I use so many Discourse sites, it’s like having a set of shortcuts for my most used communications platform! :+1:

One thing that I have difficulty with is switching away from chat. The “Jump to” and “Application” shortcuts don’t work because chat is a typing context. I don’t feel like I can have chat as something I can go to and leave without a second tab or leaving the keyboard to press a link.

This idea would certainly address my keyboard-only pathway. :slight_smile:

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