Use WP Discourse to publish posts from Wordpress to Discourse

Hi Angus,

Great plugin and great instructions.

I just installed and configured WP-Discourse. It looks like it is working however I see some html tags come in my post on Discourse from Wordpress which is likely related to the Theme I am using on Wordpress.

Quick check, I assume it is 1 direction, right? So a Wordpress post gets published on Discourse. If I then make changes in that discourse post (e.g. remove the html tags) this doesn’t get synchronized with Wordpress. Right?

I will make a new post to test and see if this happens all the time (as I just published an old post to Discourse to see if it worked).

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Hey @Pieces

Are these appearing in the published version of the discourse post or only when you edit it?

Yes that’s right.

They appeared when I updated a previously published Wordpress post to be posted on Discourse (right after installing Discourse). So they appeared in a published Discourse post.

I am using Avada theme for Wordpress.

Could you link me to where this is happening on your community?

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Sure. My forum can be found here, my Wordpress can be found here.

It was the Ragnarok post that had the HTML in it when published. I did change it on Discourse though so it won’t show. I will likely publish a new post tomorrow so will test it again and let you know if it happens again.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated.

Yes please let me know if this happens again and I’ll take a look straight away. Please also make a note of the circumstances that lead to the issue, i.e what exactly you’re doing when you create the Wordpress post.

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Hello, thank you for this very usefull plugin.

Is there a way to fix the template of the discourse post.On each update the template is erased and replaced by the default one.


Hey @sedget,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you go into a bit more detail of what you mean by:

  • “each update” - Are you updating Wordpress, Discourse or the plugin itself?
  • “template is erased” - Could you explain what you mean by template and what you mean when you say it’s being “erased”

Thanks :slight_smile:


i’m going to try to be more clear :slight_smile:

We have the ability to customize the publish template Add the featured_image to the publish template

This allow us publishing message into our discourse forum from WP post including the featured image (exemple below)

When the WP discourse plugin is updated in wordpress, this customization is reset to default configuration and each time we have to reconfigure the template. the default configuration display message without featured image

So my question is : Is there a way to keep the template active and protected from reset when we update wp discourse plugin in wordpress?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Really great plugin, was just wondering if there was a way to customize a couple of things. As you can see in the screenshot, there’s no space between the word “Comments” and the first comment. Second, the user icons are about 50% too large. Last, I’d like to hide the participants section as I see no use for it.

Any help fixing this would be appreciated!

Figured out the spacing and removing the participants section but still cannot figure out how to reduce the avatar size by half. Also, I notice with longer user names they overlap the date on mobile phones.

One suggestion I’d like to see for this plugin is to add a widget that can be used in the sidebar to show the most recently active threads on discourse.

Hello, for some reason YouTube videos are not showing in the Discourse. So they are added in WordPress but once we publish a post and we push it to the Discourse, the video is not shown. Probably because it’s buried under the WP code?

<figure class="wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio">
<div class="wp-block-embed__wrapper">
<span class="embed-youtube" style="text-align:center; display: block;"><iframe loading="lazy" class="youtube-player" width="640" height="360" src=";rel=1&#038;showsearch=0&#038;showinfo=1&#038;iv_load_policy=1&#038;fs=1&#038;hl=en-US&#038;autohide=2&#038;wmode=transparent" allowfullscreen="true" style="border:0;" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-presentation"></iframe></span>

This code is from a Discourse topic created by WP.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

You can’t see any content by short codes either. Discourse should do PHP of WordPress in such situation, but it can’t so the plugin is showing only more or less preview/just text/images/”passive” content.

I don’t know anything but I can’t see how Discourse could parse PHP through a plugin.

As I see this WP Discourse connects a topic to WP-post as commenting system. WP Discourse is not an importer or mirror from WP-post to a topic as you are trying to use it now.

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