User ability to contact the entire staff

I’d like to know if there is a way for a user to contact the staff in a way that is only visible to the specific user and all the admins.
This feature is very important to us since we want to allow users to contact us, but not have to choose a certain staff member and contact via private message, instead, refer to the general staff and let us decide who answers what. In a way it is sort of a built in ticket support system.
Now I know that discourse has many settings, I must confess that I don’t know what each and every one is actually doing… perhaps something similar to this can be set up somehow?

You definitely can. What you’re looking for here is the Who can message this group? setting.

Navigate to the group page for the group you wish user to be able to message, admins, moderators, or staff (moderators and admins). Then switch to the “manage” tab. From there, you can enable the ability for users to message the group. Messages will only be visible to the user who starts the message and the group. Additional users can be added the message if wanted as well, supporting a message between user a, user b, and staff, for example.


Thanks, It looks like it is working but when i test it (as regular user wanting to contact the staff) i get:

Did you ensure that Who can message this group? is set to Everyone for the group you wish to message? And that you clicked “Save Changes”? I just tested it on and can confirm that it is possible to message the staff group.

Yes, set to “Everyone” and saved changes.
Maybe the user contacting should have some trust level bigger than 0?

Yep. By default, TL0 users cannot send messages. See the min trust to send messages site setting.


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