User data export failed (tested on meta)

I just tried a data export from to see if it will be sufficient for GDPR data portability purposes.

From my user activity page I clicked “Download All” and then received a PM with a link.

Clicking the link produced a 404 :worried:


Can confirm. This might be Meta specific though…I seem to recall a similar issue downloading backups. Testing on now…yep, worked on try. @mpalmer any thoughts?


Looks like it may be. I tried from my own forum instance and the download succeeded. :+1:

This is a great catch and definitely a bug. The issue is that we do not have shared storage so need to pipe up the export to AWS as a proper upload of sorts (which we clean up after N hours)

We will get this sorted fairly soon.

@techAPJ can you add to your list?


Fixed via:


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