`user_event` Webhook only sends the first 3 `user_fields`

I’ve just created a new “confirmation” type User Field (the fourth user field we have configured), hoping to track changes to this field through webhooks;

However I’m finding that our user_event Webhook payloads are only coming through with the first three user_fields values—the fourth (newly created) one is not present. Am I missing something?

We’re running 2.6.0.beta2.

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All the fields should be present in the webhook payload. Is this section of all your fields configured in the same way?


That configuration shouldn’t make a difference, but I’d like to find a way of reproducing the issue you are having.

Thanks @simon. The fields are configured as follows: most of them aren’t relevant to show on user card or public profile, so those options are un-checked. I’m also finding that only the first three in visual order here actually appear in the sign up modal. Whichever way I order them, the fourth one gets cut off

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