Can you pass a user field value through a webhook?

I have a custom user field added to my setup, with the plugin to shoot that event off and enable the custom field in a webhook. Is there any way to pass the value of that custom field to my api?

I was wondering the same thing. More generally: what fields are part of the payload for user events, post events, and topic events respectively? Is the following list up to date? If so, the answer to the OP would be no and it would be great if at least custom user fields required at sign-up could be included in the payload (since they are obviously considered important by the admin).

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UserSerializer returns the whitelisted user custom fields. So the WebHookUserSerializer which inheriting it also should return those fields.

Excuse my ignorance, but could you rephrase that? What is the WebHookUserSerializer?

What I’d like to do is use a webhook to externally log every user creation, including all custom user fields entered upon signup… (ideally including the IP, but that’s probably a different issue)

Sorry, maybe my last post is so technical for normal users to understand.

What I really mean is custom user fields which whitelisted via site settings public user custom fields and staff user custom fields are already available in the user web hooks.