User Fields is blank

Hey guys!

I’m running discourse on my to-be-launched website.

Since yesterday, the User Fields page is blank.

I’ve read a lot of content in some foruns, but couldn’t find an answer on why this is happening.

I already turned off the CSP and nothing changed. I already disabled the plugin I installed yesterday ( but the problem persists.

This is what the console is showing:

(I just refreshed the page and now the console is showing this):

More prints:

Can anyone help me on this? :slight_smile:


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If you visit /logs on your site, do you see any errors?

Can you try removing it completely? For some plugins, disabling them is not enough.


Hey David, these are the erros:

I’m thinking that this may be related to this thing appearing in the console:
[Deprecation] ::-webkit-details-marker pseudo element selector is deprecated. Please use ::marker instead. See 'display: list-item' by default for <summary> - Chrome Platform Status for more details.

It appears that this change was published yesterday: 'display: list-item' by default for <summary> - Chrome Platform Status

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I think it’s unlikely that the CSS deprecation is causing this issue. The concerning thing in your screenshots are the red “status of 500” errors. The server should never return 500 errors when things are working correctly.

I suspect the cause is the ProcourseInstaller error (second from bottom in your logs screenshot). It looks like that plugin is no longer working. I’d recommend you remove it


This is great, David. I’ll try out this and see if it works.



Just removed the procourse installer plugin. Unfortunately, the User Field session it’s still blank.

The console:

The code:

Any other ideas?

I’m feeling dumb right now hehe But the problem was solved!

It turned out that some modifications I did in the CSS was causing the problem :frowning_face:

Sorry :sweat:

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