User is saying their account is hacked

they are saying their account is being accessed when they are not logged in, from the same city but different IP

any advice on what to tell them cuz the server is fine.

My guess is that they are using VPN, maybe the free one from cloudflare ( on their phone and don’t know it.

they said they use one laptop and the IP they gave me is the same location they ususally use

their main concern, and they keep telling me over and over, is that its showing it as being logged in when they are not logged in

Ask them to use unique and strong password, also enable two Factor Authentication

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they’ve changed their password multiple ties

I think they are just paranoid and it’s a timezone issue though… If I make them do 2FA and the issue persists they are just gonna leave the forum over what could just be a simple timezone issue

As an admin you can look at their stats at admin/users and click on the user. You can see the IP address they signed up with as well as the last IP used to log in with.

If you go to the user’s preferences page /u/username/preferences/account, that will show what Recently Used Devices (browser(s) and IP address(es)) were recently used to log in.

I have one user that apparently has been traveling around California and it shows two different cities in 2 days (2 log ins). Just something to check out to verify your user’s claims.


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