User points and points mall

Hello Discourse experts

What would you like done?

User Points Center and Points Mall
Users can get points by posting, replying, and liking. Points can be used to redeem virtual items in the points mall, and points are reduced

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I don’t have a specific budget, I want to know if someone is willing to help me do this and how much money is needed?

Thanks very much.

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For the User Points Center maybe it’s a good idea to build on top of this one [PAID] Contribution point system from

For the User Points Mall I think you need to write a more elaborate specification. Where are those virtual items being stored? How can they be used?


Thanks, yes i want a contribution point system first, and the admin can custom the points for a user.

About points mall
It should be a simple shopping function
So there are add item function (title, picture, price, description), and users can using their points for shopping the item.

so can someone help me do this?

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No, I meant elaborate. Take a look at some other marketplace posts, or look at some plugin documentation to get the idea.

Some questions you could try to answer:

  • how are the actions and points being managed in the contribution point system?
  • how is the inventory managed in the store?
  • what should the store look like? search / sort functions? product pages?
  • how is the virtual item added to the user? Can the user see them somehow? Can other users see them?
  • is a user able to actually do something with the virtual item?
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very thanks for help @RGJ

  • creat a topic add 10 points
  • reply once add 5 points
  • get a liker add 5 points
  • a admin can edit user’s points as some special contributions need

Set inventory when adding items, and it can be modified.

good one, those item need a item category and it should be set when item added. and search by item title, category, sort by hot, price(points number)

Ignored this one, sorry, don’t need a virtual item.

Ignored this too.

Last: the permissions of the points mall can be assigned to a group,
For example: assign add items and item category permissions to a certain group of users, we need a group users for manage this points mall.

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So what does happen when a user redeems points for an item?


sorry for i’m late, and thanks again @RGJ

The items we added are actual items, small gifts.
when user redeem points for an item,
system should deduct their points
and remind the mall admin(a group user)
and admin will send him the item.

Of course, there should be redemption records in the user’s personal points page.

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Ah, so there is an inventory to keep. Items can be sold out?

“a” group user? How do we know which one? What happens when this user is unavailable? Do we need to keep track of which items have been sent and which not?

So users should be able to enter shipping info like their home address. I guess it’s handy when admin can combine different items and send them together, so should we have some kind of shopping cart where multiple redeemed items can be combined into a single order?

Ah. there apparently is a personal points page. Tell me more!

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Hello @RGJ

yes, Items can be sold out, then should show item offline status

this is said about a discours group,such as:Moderators group

yes, this is perfect, users can enter a shipping info and have shopping cart functions.

this page should have four blocks or tabs

  • my points: show my points info
  • points record: a list of Points earned and consumption records
  • my orders: a list of my redeems items
  • points rules: a article about how to get points

@Ahmed_Gagan big thanks.
I am very glad that you can help me on this,
As we talk in PM, very looking forward to your working.


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As a mark post: @Ahmed_Gagan have do this for me.
thanks Ahmed and teams.