User profile photos missing after update

Hey everyone. After updating to 3.1.0 beta6 a couple days ago the avatar photos are still missing. I tried

./launcher enter app
rake avatars:refresh

didnt work

rake posts:rebake

and nothing. Hosting/storage is all on one server with digital ocean. Any ideas what to try?

What troubleshooting did you do beforehand?

Did you confirm the path to avatars is valid?

Missing how? What is showing? Is the url for that avatar pointing the right place? Can you share your site url and/or a user who’s avatar is broken?

website (dot) com/user_avatar/website/(username)/96/34_2.png is where its going to.

So on the main page for desktop it shows all the photos like here

On mobile it shows default avatars.

but when you go to the post thread it shows only default

unless a user reposts a new photo then it shows up.

Edit: my wife just told me more photos are visible from desktop then mobile. Not sure why.

@pfaffman this site is private for my wife and her friends but I can get you access if it helps.