User signup confirmation email never arrives to Yahoo email address

I am trying to join the forum at
But after I register and give me Email I never receive the verification Email back. Hence I cannot register and use that forum. They told me you support it and hope you can help me. I did already 3 times but never get the email (as I did when registering here using the same email) and no, it is not in the spam folder :slight_smile:

Did you get the email when signing up here right?

The delivery from the signup here and the 4 emails sent for the signup there were delivery to the same email provider, both with the same success message :thinking:.

Exactly, here i managed to register cos I got the email to confirm. THere I didn’t manage and don’t know what to do :slight_smile: and I am using the same email address.

I’m afraid you will need to contact your email service provider, because the 5 emails went the same way:


THe provider is Yahoo :slight_smile:
How comes with your site worked then ?
BTW, I am using a VPN all the time and re-routing through different countries. Could this be a problem ?

I can’t imagine the method by which you connect to a Discourse site would impact our ability to deliver e-mail to Yahoo!. As Falco said, you need to contact your e-mail service provider (Yahoo!), because they accepted delivery for all those e-mails. If they disposed of them in an improper manner after that, that’s something to take up with them.


Did you check your spam folder?

Can you give me some tech evidence to show to Yahoo ? ELse what can I say “this URL xxx forum sends email and this other URL xxx forum doesn’t” ? WHat they can verify with such info ?
Yes, there is no spam

@falco provided such evidence above. It shows that the mail was sent and the time stamps. You could send the URL of that post to yahoo, or whoever it might be (the exact domain name is redacted).

I will change the email, it is easier and faster than waiting for YAHOO support …


with G mail worked, thx anyway :slight_smile:

Good choice. Yahoo mail is terrible. Switch to Google, they actually know what they are doing!