No confirmation emails (

I am an end-user of the Discourse platform and am subscribed to about six forums.

I wanted to change my primary email for each forum from a standard gmail address to an alias for each forum using

Now, for about half of the forums, this was no issue at all - the confirmation email was sent to the address and the verification process completed successfully.

However, for the other forums, although it was indicated that a confirmation email had been sent (the assumption is the email address was not rejected), no email ever arrived (spam folder checked also).

I realise that this is not a Discourse platform issue as half the changes were successful, and the issue is in the confiuration of the relevant forums.

Why i’m asking about this here, is i would apprecite any pointers as to what the issue could be when i contact the individual forums.


Hi Steev :slight_smile:

They could check in their logs if the emails have been sent, to start with.
And ensure they don’t have blacklisted email domains as well (I don’t know if it would trigger a warning from the user side).


To expand on this, site admins can see the transaction information from the receiving mail server for every single email that gets sent out.

For example:

This queue ID (289B51004DF) is the proof of delivery to the mail server… and in turn that mail server will [should] get a queue ID when the next server accepts the mail.

For sites hosted on our platform, we can easily search this queue ID (site admins need to contact us to do the lookup) to get that information. For example, here’s the results from the above email:

   status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as ED640FAC90)"

So if you complained (for instance) about not getting this email from us, you could now go to anonaddy and say “ accepted an email for me at 2023-09-14T09:02:16Z with queue ID ED640FAC90, can you trace what happened to it?” and they will be able to check their logs.

Site admins not on our platform would need to do essentially the same process.


A forum that I run has its mail discarded by my wif’e’s university’s spam/danger filter, even though she has explicitly allow-listed the forum email address. Sometimes she can go into the double-secret filter and find them. But with Michael’s suggestion above, you might be able to track down who to blame, if all of those admins have the patience.


Many thanks all for your help. I will use this info when I contact the relevant forums.

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