User statistic not accurate after manual mass deletion of content

When a lot and all content is deleted from a forumer, by another user, 4 statistics will be incorrect - topics created, posts created, likes received and solutions received.

Prior to being deleted, they were all positive integers.

After being deleted:

  • topics created is a random negative integer

  • posts created is a random negative integer

  • likes received is a random positive integer

  • solutions is a random positive integer

These statistics should all be at 0 under normal circumstances.

I had reproduced this on, which uses Discourse forum software, I even have a video on it: Roblox Developer Forum Statistics Bug 2022 - YouTube

Post Reproduction:

2 months have passed since I achieved this and I began publishing new topics and topic replies again. And I have noticed that all statistics but the solutions received have been increasing, probably as I have been gaining the other 3 statistics and have not had a post marked to be as a solution yet. However, the increasing statistics are not correct.

See: Profile - MasterSapphireFrost - DevForum | Roblox

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For anybody wondering there is also a discussion here:

There was another discussion which has been split by a mod into a private DM.

My reproduction attempt:

It is unusual for a user’s content to be deleted in such a fashion but their user details be left in place. I think the regular methods of user deletion or anonymisation would normally account for this in practical terms.

That said, I think it is useful to know the effects of some outlier cases so we can form a picture, so thanks for mentioning this. :+1: If we get more reports this will help us look into the issue further, but for now I think I would advise admins/moderators in general to be mindful of the effects of manually pruning content to such a large degree, and to make users aware that it can have an affect on the veracity of their stats.

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