User Title Field / Badges?

Hi all,

Just a query.

I have noticed that as a moderator I can edit a member’s title field and I am presented with a text box to do so.

I am pretty confident this was the default behaviour some time ago when you updated your own title field as a user. However, it would seem that the title field is mapped to badges for users, e.g. they can only select what appears to be a trust level they have earned, or, blank.

Can you confirm, is this by design? If so, what does the purpose of being able to change it with the text box serve?

I may not be able to see the whole picture as a moderator, not an admin, so if there are admin options which do this mapping a heads up would be great. I have had a couple of people query it with me so I was just curious.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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For users, yes that is by design

Staff can give a user a custom title, thus the textbox approach.


I see. Thanks. Appreciate the info :slight_smile: