User title not updating based up primary group

For example, I have this user set to contributor, but member is showing up as their title. The flair is updating correctly as I have the tree set to contributor


I did have members set as apply as primary group, but I just turned that off and it’s still not updating. I tried removing both groups, saving, re-adding just contributor and it still shows as member.

Hi David

Are you doing this through the user’s admin page?

Is it possible that the member has manually chosen ‘Member’ via their profile preferences page? It could be a matter of conflicting priorities.

I’m looking into this but it is hard to repro exactly.

It is also possible that if you had Member set to primary, that it might take a while for the database to update, but I’m not sure.

If you can wait for a while to check it to see if it is a matter of polling of the database it might help, but I’ll see if I can get more information for you


Thanks, I tried impersonating the user and their title is set to none, shouldn’t this update based upon what the admin sets it to? When I set it to contributor while impersonating it does update properly.

:wave: I am working to improve / clarify the feature around primary group and title, including a “fix” to this:


The behavior has been changed so that


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