User Titles with “special symbols” appear to be glitched

So if your title has a special symbol like ’ or ", then they will display weird stuff in the settings menu. It will be quite glitched.
“The title should say Owner’s Pet.”

Those would be smartquotes.

In which settings menu does it show like this?

The “glitchy” representations are the percent-encoded versions of those… possibly in the wrong codepage and not UTF-8?

Can you duplicate the problem here or on try?

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It shows up in Settings >> Preferences.

I don’t have any custom titles with smartquotes either. It cannot be tested on Try or Meta. Therefore it cannot be tested.

Oh! User titles. I was thinking topic titles.


this is: Person’s “title”

@twofoursixeight can you copy the actual title string into a post here?

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I can repro

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 12.10.28 PM
in this case it’s the apostrophe character, ' (hex ')

Seems like other characters work properly, I tried a few others like ˮ or « and those were fine :man_shrugging:


This is going to be related to our security measures and ensuring there is no chance for script injection.

I am sure there is a straight forward fix, but surface area is quite big and we would need very careful testing to ensure that an XSS is not introduced with the fix.

Going to put pr-welcome on this for now, but whoever takes this please be extra careful to prove your change does not introduce an XSS vector.