User visits: "last 7 days" less than "yesterday"

I noticed that the number of user visits in the “last 7 days” column is lower than the number of visits in the “yesterday” column.

Looks like a bug unless I’m misunderstanding these columns.

Click on the link to see where the maths failed.

Do you mean per-day detailed visits statistics?
If yes, then here it is:

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It appears to be showing the stats from 7 days ago, rather than the cumulative stats for the past 7 days. (And the same for 30.)
If the numbers are working as intended, then the wording is a little misleading, especially since all the other stats in that section work the other way.


Hm I see. Does it make sense to compare yesterday’s value with the day that was 7 days ago? I can’t see how that is useful. Any ideas?

I can see a value in tracking how active the forum is over time, but it does seem weird to lump that in with a bunch of numbers that are cumulative rather than comparative.

I see … yes we should be consistent here, its confusing.

cc @neil

Agreed, this is actually a bug @neil


I pushed a fix to display user visits like other rows in that table. So, sums in the 7 day and 30 day column, and a total in the last column.

That data was originally in its own table, with these column headings: today, yesterday, 7 days ago (not last 7 days), 30 days ago (not last 30 days).

The number means how many unique visitors there were on a day. So if I am the only one who visits a site for 7 days in a row, the number of users who viewed the site on each day is 1. If I sum those over the last 7 days, then the result is 7. Is that useful? It could mean one person visiting every day, or 7 different people who each visit the site once. I guess it gives a general idea of how many visitors a site is getting, but isn’t intuitive.


Assume we can close this, flag to reopen if I got it wrong