User Wants to Remove Multiple Bookmarks at Once

I run a political discussion forum and one of my most active members asked me today if there was a way that he could remove bookmarks directly from the bookmarks page without going into each thread. I searched through the previous topics here and didn’t see the question asked. Then again, I may not be asking it the right way. If I am missing something in the admin panel please let me know.

Which page are you specifically asking about as you can definitely do it at


I had a lot of demand to add the bookmarks page to the main page of my site.

I went into admin>settings>basic setup>top menu and added bookmarks there. It is on that page that my users are having some trouble.

I generally don’t use bookmarks but many of my users do so I wasn’t sure how to provide them with the right answer. I’ll log into one of my low-trust test accounts and give it a shot.

That worked perfectly. I’ll write up some instructions for folks now. Thanks so much for the fast response and willingness to help!


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