Cannot Remove Bookmarked Posts

On my site, I can’t remove bookmarked posts through the “remove bookmark” button on the /activity/bookmarks page. It, however, works like a charm on meta.

Originally I thought it might be some plugin or custom css thing but I removed all the non-official plugins and switched to a default theme and it’s still doing nothing when clicked. What else could be causing no issue here but an issue on my site?


Do you see any errors in your browser’s F12 console when you press the button?


_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:29446 TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasClass' of undefined
    at i (_plugin-5bc3cf7665b6e11a610fd5695a326cc7386c1e5ebb17fc0259ac173a545aff3d.js:945)
    at _plugin-5bc3cf7665b6e11a610fd5695a326cc7386c1e5ebb17fc0259ac173a545aff3d.js:965
    at s._decorate_11 (_application-ce5c7f2565f46f0a1def23c3d3147596c4cef319b6200b6c5397bf9cca68c415.js:18583)
    at Object.t [as applyStr] (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:49783)
    at Object.f [as sendEvent] (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:29690)
    at s.trigger [as _super] (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:45695)
    at s.trigger (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:52337)
    at s.n [as trigger] (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:50483)
    at n.didCreate (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:24964)
    at e.commit (_ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:11700)
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Hey - I figured out the issue in the sense that removing the Discourse Footnote plugin made it so that the button worked again. I’ll go make a note of this in the plugin topic.


Just closing the loop here… this is fixed per: