Usercard Redesign Experiment

I raised this earlier. It’s called Dominant colour


Will we still be able to choose which Custom Fields appear in the redesigned usercard? :thinking:


In the future (not as a theme component…), you compute it when the avatar is uploaded, right?[1]

  1. or cached from the avatar service ↩︎


Right now I think Dominant Colour is actually only computed for image uploads on a topic. It isnt applied to avatars.

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Hopefully not too hard to add. I mean, I can go and set a background everywhere, but the current approach sure is hideous with my particular avatar. :slight_smile:

Where is the dominant color for topic uploads used?


It is very shortly used as a placeholder when images are loading in a topic. It is stored as part of an image’s dataset.


Is it possible to add a relevant button to the user card to block users and mute them? so my app on google play
I can’t update. He wants a Block Users button on the user card for the update.


Of course it is possibile. I’m not totally sure if it would be a wise move or adopted by CDCK.

I would guess the role of user card is pure informatic and fastline to engage with someone privately.

But there is one psychological aspect too: every such components, as mute/block button showed right away, that have been made because of negative behaviour gives strict signal that in that forum is something badly wrong. People have tendency to start behaving way they think in theirs lizard brains is the normal. Normal people start act as unnormal because they see everywhere signs of such behaving. Social media and its issues is a good example of that.

That’s why hard style warnings and signs of bad behaving should clean off right away, no matter are those signs coming from users, staff or environment itself.

Discourse has tools for mute and blocking. Everyone has those in theirs own profile settings. That is enough and I just can’t see why offering those at usercard would be benefically.

If a forum really needs such fast mute/blocking button because of toxic users I would say that is not solution. Staff should act more more decisively and keep users in order and places tidy.


Usercards completely broke on Meta today. Only a few usercards work.

It happens on any theme:

It happens everywhere:

It also happens on the mobile layout, but the usercard will disappear completely and not be reachable.


Also seeing on mobile:


Cross-linking this here too: