Usermenu revamped mobile repositioning

Hi, in order to make my forum users access the usermenu better I have moved the usermenu icons to the bottom than from the side through creating a custom theme component.

The Before:

The After:

Still working on the user menu from the bottom tabs though

Currently tested on android will attempt to test on an iPhone device in a few.

I’ve also removed the replies, reactions, and other notifications via css from the usermenu primarily for spacing but also as it’s not priority to me personally since they are provided under the default notification menu. As compared to the bookmarks, messages and mentions.


Sorted user menu spacing by removing the max-height value of em to 100% and adding display flex to quick access li items also added li:last-child bottom spacing off from bottom buttons.

Lastly renamed pause notifications to “Focus Mode” for less confusion between upper notifications of user profile.


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Great work :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile:

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