Users can get stuck on the discobot tutorial if they don't have permissions to post images

I was told by admins of a forum that uses discourses back end that I should post this here instead of on their forum.

The forum in question has configured there default join role such that it cannot do anything except read posts. However, you still get the tutorial notification, and based on how its worded it can be construed that it will help you rank up to a rank that can post.

The problem arises when you get to the post a image portion of the tutorial. As you have been denied access to posting images, the forum throws a error every time you try and upload a image. If you know how images generally work online, you can be cheeky and post the image URL of the example picture provided, but that is rather niche. Alternatively you can use the skip command, but the existence of that command is not mentioned within the tutorial.

Apparently changing the text of the discourse tutorial to include a mention of the skip command would require forking the codebase, which is why I was told to post this here.


This isn’t correct - feel free to refer your admins here. The language can be freely edited, and we’re happy to show them how.

That said, the logic isn’t so easy to edit, so if they want the Discobot tutorial to work as intended they’re going to need to enable images.


Would my understanding be correct that you can enable posting pictures at a “account level” level but disable it for that account level on a per category basis? Basically if you enable post pictures for the account level, is there any way of configuring the site so that users of that rank cannot post pictures in lieu of posts or does disabling posts include posts that just consist of images?

I was reasonably certain this is a issue they should be able to solve on there end, not one that requires a update to the discourse source code but they were insistent that it was not.

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Can’t they use the skip command?


As stated prior, there is no mention of the skip command in the tutorial, therefore its unusable for the user.

The reply I got back from talking with one admin is as follows.

That said, I will add mention of the skip command to this forum, but overriding the text on this forum may not be future-proof if they change the locale entry or change how the discobot tutorial is structured altogether, and I can only do the fix for English because I’m not fluent in all the other locales that Discourse supports, so this doesn’t actually solve the problem. We don’t have the manpower or people available to do this for all locales and it’s outright silly to expect users of the software to fix these kind of issues. The tutorial should just mention the skip command out of the box.

Please continue this discussion on the Discourse Meta on relevant bug reports. We are unable to help further with this.

When steps time out it should mention skip. The copy is there.

I’m really unclear why you’re trying to help them, they could easily post here rather than burdening you to be their proxy.

I guess it’s not a priority for them?

I have made that argument themselves. I have no clue how discourse works outside that it runs on ruby on rails, and I have even less of a idea as to the settings used. The response was

I don’t think you have to know the implementation – you can just make a post in the “bug” category on the meta forum stating that the Discourse bot should either mention the skip command, or take into account whether the user can do the action when presenting the commands

On this forum there are several levels of access. My level of access requires my posts go though the admins before they are made public (which includes the engineers who are responsible for the site). Once I rank up again I will have access to post without their permission so I am trying to gather a complete picture as possible. Namely I would like confirmation whether or not they should be able to disable there lowest level from making posts while allowing them to post pictures in the tutorial. I am guessing that they should be able to, but they firmly say it is not.

I have no clue what you are referring to here. I will admit I have only gone though the tutorial twice, but when I searched for skip, both times yielded 0 results.

There are two states where discobot will offer to skip:

Hey @%{username}, just checking in because I haven’t heard from you in a while. - To continue, reply to me any time. - If you’d like to skip this step, say %{skip_trigger}. - To start over, say %{reset_trigger}. If you’d rather not, that’s OK too. I’m a robot. You won’t hurt my feelings. :sob:

Or if it doesn’t understand a response.

Maybe they have modified the responses already?