Users can no longer customize profile pictures


A user with Trust Level 2 recently reported that he cannot change his profile picture, even though the system setting allows anyone with Trust Level 0 and up to change his/her profile picture. Users with existing custom profile pictures can no longer change his/her profile picture either. What other settings should I be looking into to activate the feature again? Thank you!

End-user preference screen:

Site setting:


Have you seen this issue? It’s similar to the issue you have.

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Have this bug aswel

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I can’t replicate this here on meta (as admin, at least).

The setting was recently changed to be the uploaded avatars allowed groups version (rather than the min trust style). I’m not sure if that ties in with the timing?

Are there any other related settings that you may have changed from default at some point that could be having an impact on the new group-allowed version?


x-posting another report of this:


Hey @littleviolette,

thank you for reporting this bug. I will look into this.

Could you please confirm that Trust Level 2 user who cannot change their profile picture belong to Trust Level 0, 1 and 2 groups?

When you go to their profile, I expect you see something like


Yes, I confirm that the said user belongs to the Trust Level 0, 1 and 2 groups.

I was able to change profile pictures of other users as an admin. When I impersonated as any other users, I didn’t have the ability to change their profile pictures.

Yes I have looked into it and it didn’t apply.

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I have another potential theory. Could you please check the authorized extensions site settings?

For custom avatars, you have to allow users to upload images.

If your setting looks like in the screenshot below, then admins/staff can upload avatars and regular users not.


This is what our setting looks like now. We as admins can change users’ profile pictures but regular users strangely cannot.


Is there a way to generate photos from api

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I would like to ask you to check one more setting. I am interested in the visibility of Trust Level 0 group.

You can check it with this path g/trust_level_0/manage/interaction

It should be Everyone or Logged on users or Group owners, members and moderators


I had the trust_level_0 visibility under “Group owners”. Once I changed it down to “Group owners, members and moderators” and below, users are able to change their profile pictures again. Thank you for the help!


I’ve had the same issue with non-admin users losing the ability to select a Gravatar or upload a custom profile picture after 3.2.0beta5.

I appreciate the workaround, Kris. I really do. :slight_smile:

But why should the group level settings for Trust_level_0 have anything to do with the forum level setting, uploaded avatars allowed groups, found at https://[MyDiscourseForumName].com/admin/site_settings/category/files?


For me, I don’t want all my users to be able to see all 5,500 forum users at trust level 0 via the default Discourse group.

Whatever changed in 3.2.0beta5 seems to be unintentional and I’d be grateful to have the old functionality restored where controlling the behavior of uploading profile pictures is entirely based on the uploaded avatars allowed groups site setting.


You are right, that was just temporary advice to quickly solve the issue.

After a conversation on this topic, we realised that it was not the best approach and we changed it. From now on, group level setting doesn’t have to be adjusted.

Related PRs

Dear Kris (et al), Greetings. :blush:

Newbie(ish) forum admin here; on version 3.2.1 and am having the same issue, that Trust_level_0 visibility must be set to “Everyone” to allow non-admin users to change their profile pictures.

Is this expected for this version?

Thanks for your guidance. :sunflower:

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Hey @ShaDubya,

Could you please check that your Discourse is updated to the latest version? You can see it at /admin/upgrade. It should look like this:


@kris.kotlarek, please excuse delay; I was on long retreat and only just getting back to the internet. :blush:

Our forum is hosted by Communiteq; /admin/upgrade returns a page not found error. :thinking:

I see from this post that the changes you made are dated 19MAR; our forum shows its most recent update as 15MAR, running version 3.2.1.

I have written to Communiteq directly to ask if they have any suggestions.

Probably I have to wait for them; if you have any other thoughts/suggestions I’d be most grateful to hear them.

With friendliness! :sunflower:

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These fixes have not been backported to the “stable” branch (which you have chosen to be on when you created your forum). The options are 1) wait for the next stable release 2) use the workaround described above 3) ask us to move your forum to latest beta.


Thanks thanks! Responded via support email. :sunflower:


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