Users can see pending/rejected topics

Even though I am staff, I’ve heard feedback from the users that they would like to be able to see when one of their topics are pending. In some of our Categories, we require a manual approval by staff in order to make sure that it stays civil. The users would like to be able to know when they’re topic gets rejected and also to be able to view and edit topics that are in the holding queue. Users may realize they made a typo, or just would like to see if their topic get rejected. Sometimes when topics get rejected, people think that it was just sitting in the holding pen for days and never looked at. It would be nice to alert users when their posts are rejected, And even the possibility for staff to add a note for why it was rejected.


Just ran into this as well. Like OP I am generally on the mod-facing side & was not super familiar with the user flow for post approval, but just joined another Discourse forum that has post approval enabled and was surprised to see that after the “Your topic is awaiting approval” there’s no way to see it afterwards: it just disappears. Presumably I’ll get some sort of notification when it’s approved (or rejected), but there’s no way to tell for certain since as far as the user is concerned that topic doesn’t exist. It could be that the request didn’t go through because of a spotty internet connection, and I would never know. I trust that it went through successfully (otherwise I should have gotten an error message), but there’s just trust – no evidence.

It would be great for users to be able to see their pending topics in order to have confidence that the feature worked & monitor the status of their topics. Because these aren’t exposed to the user, there’s also no way for the user to withdraw the pending topic like they can with pending posts.


I believe we are doing some work in this area in the current release @sam?


Yes, @flink91 has this in progress work.

Hoping we can get it merged soon.


Lately I’ve been spending time on the sticky avatars feature but yes I think I’m “only” missing some more JS tests and the PR should be ready :slight_smile:


Thank you to discourse for all your hard work. I am excited to now see this in core!


Sorry for the lack of update in this topic, the feature to see your own pending posts has been merged! :partying_face:
There’s another discussion about it here, the link to the PR mentioned above can be useful too.

Here’s a screenshot of the feature: