Send notification when a moderator/admin approves a post/topic


In my community, I have set the approve unless trust level and approve new topics unless trust level to TL1, which means that TL0 posts needs to be approved. Then, I noticed that many TL0 users didn’t and still don’t know when their post gets approved or rejected and are often getting confused.

Therefore, I would like to propose a feature that will send a notification to the user, whose post pending approval and it has been approved / rejected / edited by a mod/admin.


In the notification section, there can be a 👍 Approved notification, which will let the TL0 user know that their post has been approved and it has been posted.

:warning: Update: The Rejected and Edited isn’t something that has to be added, as it may annoy some users. You can scroll down though and check my suggestion


Same thing, in the notification section there can be a 👎 Rejected notification and the user will understand that their post has been rejected.


Same with the Approved, with only addition -> an automated message from @system that will state what has been edited and who edited it. Example

Title: Post / Topic has been approved, but edited

Topic body: This is an automated message from discourse to let you know that your topic / post, that was pending approval, has now been approved, but edited by:

@name - edit

Let me know what you think or if it has already been proposed. Sorry if it’s in the wrong category, my first time proposing something. :blush:


(Sam Saffron) #2

@eviltrout is working on refining this system at the moment, just last week he added a feature that shows the actual post in the stream even when it is in a pending state.

I really like the “approved” notification idea, but the “rejected” / “modified” one will be a bit of a problem, we tend not to notify on “an admin ignored your flag” and stuff like that cause it just causes drama.



I have to admit, I agree on that part too. The Approved would literally change everything, as some times, some users get ton of replies when they don’t even know that they are coming from their topic. Can’t wait to see what’s in the works :wink:

Glad you liked my idea though! :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Robin Ward) #4

This is a great idea and I’ve implemented it:

Now when your post is approved you’ll see a notification about it:



Awesome, thank you @eviltrout. That’s literally on spot on what I was thinking, great stuff as always. :muscle:

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