"Users" page shows "No results were found." while loading

I noticed there is a strange text displayed while our user stats are loading:

No results were found.

Then the users stats are shown, after some seconds of loading.

Apparently, this text would be called js.directory.no_results.

Would this same text used both for loading and for when there are no results?

If we change this text to something like “Please wait, loading user stats…”, we will also see this text when there are no results, which would be as much wrong than seeing “No results.” while it’s still loading.

I see on meta, you have a loading spinner, instead.

What would you advise to fix our forum “loading” text without breaking the “no results” text?

In fact it only happens on my mobile.
On my PC, I did see the same loading spinner rotating as on meta, and no misleading text.

So you have an idea why this text appears for our site on mobile and not for meta?

Processing: Screenshot_2021-11-13-16-30-59-399_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg…
Android 9, Firefox 68.11.0

Can you reproduce this on try.discourse.org while using a supported browser?

Mmh, no it does no such thing on try!
I switched to Light Theme (default) on our site too, but I still see that text while it is loading.