Users self-select Category on Registration... is it possible?

Is there an option where a new user can select a category during the discourse registration process, which would automatically place them in that category after successful login?

Basically I have 2 primary site users, Students + Teachers, and I would like them to self-identify during the registration process, so they can be placed in the correct category automatically after sign-up.


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Yes this should be possible with Discourse Automation — the plugin includes an automation called “add user to group through custom field”

So at signup you could require a custom field with the options “student” and “teacher”, and based on what a user selects they can be automatically added to the relevant user group. The user group can then be given access to specific categories (more info on this in Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings))


Thank you!

I appreciate your help.

@awesomerobot just to confirm one thing.

It’s no issue to have SSO registration setup and simultaneously have Discourse registration.


Both can be used to register users (SSO and Discourse), is my assumption.

Not correct. If you use discourse_connect then it, and only it handles authentication. You can use multiple oauth sources (like google), but the first S in SSO is Single. And it means it.

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