Users unexpectedly added to direct messages

I’m not sure if it should be in #bug rather than here but on 2.9.0.beta11 ( dea44ec923 )
3 (seemingly random) users seem to have been added to every direct messages (even between system and admin) :exploding_head:

Has anyone any idea how I could pinpoint why ? And I’m open to any suggestion on the best way to remove them from the PM :sweat_smile:
even if it removes them from theirs…

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I believe that has been reported and fixed. If you update to Latest it should sort everything out. :+1:


Oh I’m sorry, I swear I’ve looked for it before posting !
might I’ve been a bit stressed by the surprise :crazy_face:


and worst thing is I’ve actually read the announcement :

but thought… meh and didn’t click on the CVE :roll_eyes:

I was already in the process of rails c my way through it…
but I can confirm that an upgrade resolves this… :champagne:

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