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This problem still exists for me after updating, so maybe it wasn’t related.

When I receive a “N new users waiting for approval” message, each individual moderator appears in the recipient list, rather than the @moderators group:

Looking back over old messages, maybe this is how it’s always been. It would be nice if this message was sent to @moderators, so it ends up in the group inbox :slight_smile:


Hmm is that the way it works now @neil? Probably cleaner to target the @group.

It does indeed still target staff usernames directly rather than the staff group. I agree it would make sense to target the staff group instead.

  1. I’m actually experiencing an odd issue with this message on my neighborhood forum at the moment. I am getting the “1 user waiting for approval” message regularly, but when I click the link to go to the review queue there is nothing in there. I do have the must approve users setting enabled. I’m not sure what to do to make this go away.

  2. I think we intend to “roll up” multiple notifications like this instead of displaying a list of them. Here’s how my notifications looked this morning.
    Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.49.17 AM

  3. While troubleshooting (1) I looked in the messages for staff on my site (I have 3 moderators including myself) and they all have a list of these messages in their inbox. But when I look at each individual message I see there is an odd mix of recipients. Sometimes it’s just one moderator, sometimes it’s two moderators, and sometimes it is all three of us.

Agree with Tobias on these things. I have been running with them off, but turned them back on as I’ve got a few new mods now.

I think that they are set up to be clever and only PM those mods who’ve visited the site since the last one. I get that, but it does look a bit confusing from the perspective of the most frequently visiting mod!

To get to these settings that control this stuff, search for notify in the settings.

There are some other somewhat counterintuitive interactions that go on with this. For instance, having a new user in the queue for X hours seems to be considered a flag, so if you set the flag notification time low you’ll get double notifications:


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Bumping this, still occurs on our forum, and looks very weird.


Might there be a feasible method to disable this feature completely? It is becoming rather burdensome, especially given the presence of numerous administrators within our forum. Moreover, the recurring notifications persist, despite our repeated approvals, rendering the dispatch of emails superfluous. Frankly, such notifications are extraneous for our forum’s operations and we would prefer to deactivate this function entirely.

It’s a workaround, but adding There are new user signups waiting to be approved to your watched words block list prevents these PMs from going out (Since it contains a blocked phrase).

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Splendid! I was confident someone would possess the solution. I’ve been pondering tirelessly, certain that there was a workaround, yet I couldn’t quite grasp it!

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You can simply turn them off with this setting (set it to -1):

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