Using Events for Discourse 3.0 webinar?

We need to register all our details?!? But you already have them.

Might I suggest making use of the events part of calendar to manage this instead of offloading it to the unintegrated Zoom? And maybe considering using Jitsi or some other open source solution?

Or at least the Zoom webinars TC?

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We haven’t ever sought permission to use details from Meta accounts for other things so they are separate/protected.


I guess the key is whether this event is arranged by or by CDCK itself (if those entities are truly separate).

Personally, if I RSVP’d within I’d expect my data to be utilised for something like this. Ditto for a webinar ‘owned’ by CDCK.

In my domain (health) ‘privacy’ is often used as an inappropriate excuse by those who don’t want to go to the trouble to safely share data in ways that benefit the user (in our case the patient). And patients generally suffer as a result while the corporate butt is covered. Not cool.


They’re the same and it’s organised by CDCK.

I hear you, but this is a long standing puzzle that we’re working through with privacy lawyers across a lot of planes. It stems from being a product-led company for so long. Now we have marketing there is lots to untangle.

It’s a work in progress.