Using search box to search on two forums at once, is it possible?

Hi, I am an admin of two forums for java developers with different language (en and ru). Both forums have many similar questions and usually they have exactly the same text (java code, log files, json examples etc).

I’d like users from ru forum can search both forums at once using only one search box, for instance, for the query NullPointerException. Is it possible to achieve this?

I found similar solution for Wordpress+Discourse, but how to make the same for Discourse+Discourse? :slight_smile:

As far @as I know you cannot. Other forums I’ve seen have multiple languages in a single forum. You could use category export/import to merge, I think.

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You can do it via a custom plugin.

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Thank you for your reply and valuable suggestion! But unfortunately this is not a desired solution for the developers’ community.

Initially English was chosen as a universal language to talk, but we could not say ‘No’ to native Russians who probably is not familiar to fluent English. Thanks to the second forum, they can fully participate in discussions. As a discussion platform, it must be a separate instance. Native community grows such way, I hope non-English speaking people understand me.

Ok, thank you for the given direction!

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