Using SSO for Ontraport/Wordpress + Discourse

Summary: I want to continue to manage users inside Ontraport and grant them access to the courses they purchase. When they purchase one specific course, I want to grant them access to Discourse, using SSO via the wordpress login page. Is this possible?

Unique situation:

  1. Wordpress has many courses, of which we only want TWO courses to have access to Discourse (these courses enroll every 6 months. In 2 years, we will have 8 courses:
  • 2019 Course A, Group 1
  • 2019 Course B, Group 1
  • 2019 Course A, Group 2
  • 2019 Course B Group 2
  • plus the same for 2020…
  1. We’re using Ontraport to manage members and their access


  1. If I install the WP Discourse plugin, will I be able to manage access to one product/course and allow them into Discourse?
  2. Will the login experience change for non-Discourse course customers? They currently log in at

That sounds similar to what is asked here: How to prevent some WP users from being able to login to Discourse. The second post in that topic shows one way of implementing it.

Another approach would be to allow all users on your WordPress site to access Discourse, but restrict access to some categories on your forum to users who have signed up for a course. This is more complicated to implement, but can be done. See Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse for details about some functions the plugin makes available for this.

No, nothing will change in the WordPress login experience.


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