Using webhook to just get staged users in the payload?

We’re seeking to use a “User Event” webhook to create staged users in our main site (wordpress) when they are created in discourse. Looks like it’s going to work pretty well, but the webhook is firing more often than we need because it fires “When a user logs in, logs out, is created, approved or updated.”

This may not ever be a real issue for us since our site is not crazy busy. But in case it does I wanted to explore the options and ask for advice. I see it’s possible to limit the User Event webhook by group. Wondering if the easiest approach would be to be provided an admin option to also add staged users to a hidden staged group when they are created? Or is it fairly low hanging fruit for an option to be added to the “User Event” webhook to only fire for staged users?

I see I have another option which is to create a custom webhook in a plugin. I’d rather not go that route if it can be avoided.


I talked about this too. Expand the web hook events. The events are limited to broad strokes now and the specific event is contained within the payload. I’d rather greater granular control for a wider set of selectable events, including your case @tobiaseigen

The functionality is already native. Just expand the selectable events