UX: Add metadata to subscription page to improve SEO and link UI design

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Subscriptions:

When a subscriptions page link is shared, it doesn’t give any metadata to unfurl or onebox with, it just stays as a link:


Like this, we are losing the opportunity for the user to create pull in mechanisms on the “link’s UI” for individuals to want to click the link when they see it. For example: Buy Second Sunday - April 10, 2022 - Paystack : https://paystack.com/buy/second-sunday-funday-whosay-adultscantplay

Is a subscription link from an online community using a payment provider. The way the link unfurls or oneboxes creates a “link UI” that pulls a reader or viewer to want to click it.

This is especially useful when the link is shared on social media or in chat applications, giving the subscription page metadata to unfurl makes it more likely users will click to use the link, which in turn increases the chances that the customer will keep using the subscriptions plugin.

I think this is also similar to this feature suggestion below:

cc: @jamie.wilson