V2.5.6 released after v2.6.0?

I am really confused about the releases of discourse. Last time I was upgrading my forum, I was deploying v.2.5.6 when v.2.6.0 was already out. This was due to me looking for the releases tab of github:

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 15.30.45


  • How is this possible?
  • How does one know what’s the latest stable release?
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The latest stable should be 2.6.0, but I’m not sure what happened there – might be a good reason for it though! cc @falco


The latest stable release is marked in our #releases category and in our updates | Blog.

The source of truth is the stable branch in our repository at GitHub - discourse/discourse at stable

The v2.5.x line was the last one with Internet Explorer 11 support.

Since then we moved to Ruby 2.7 in production, but Discourse 2.5 was not compatible with Ruby 2.7. Discourse 2.5.6 is just 2.5.5 with backported Ruby 2.7 compatibility, as your can check for yourself in the commit logs.