Vbulletin import - Trust Levels

I recently imported my old vbulletin site over to Discourse. One problem I seem to have had during the import is that everyone (12K+) got stuck into both level 0 and level 1 trust levels. How do I get them all into level 0?

Once everyone is in 0 I can then use my old custom groups to get everyone into the right trust level.



OK, sorry, I may have misunderstood. When I look at my dashboard, it says that there are actually only about 5 in trust level 0, everyone else is a 1. Thanks!admin

So you don’t want them to all be at trust level 0, but at trust level 1.

What might have confused you a bit is that higher trust levels are also part of the lower trust levels. For example, when a member becomes TL1 they do not lose being TL0.

You can best see this by looking at your Edit Groups TL 2 - 3 - 4 which indicates there is five TL4s (including the “system” and “discobot” accounts) and one TL3, all of them are also TL1 and TL0

The Users per Trust Level row shows the number of members that have reached the levels.


Thanks, I got it all figured out and got everyone moved to the correct levels. A bit confusing but I got it. Thanks!

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