Vertical scroll bar doesn't let you select individual posts

Our forum has a lot of threads with a large number of posts. For example: 33k posts 9k posts
Guenevere (WIP) - Works In Progress - Choice of Games Forum 8k posts

On threads that large, there’s no way to use the vertical scroll bar to select an individual post by number. Moving the scroll bar even a single pixel moves the cursor by a large number of posts.

On desktop browsers, we can use the # shortcut key to select a particular post, which is kinda manageable but undiscoverable.

But now that the vertical scroll bar is used on mobile, there’s now no way at all to select a particular post in a large thread on mobile. This is bad.


Sure there is tons of room on the right to add a jump to post number function as needed @sam

In the meantime keyboard shortcuts should still work press ? to view

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Keyboard shortcut still works, but yeah, you can not trigger it on mobile.