View results and vote on poll at the same time

Currently the ability to view a poll is separate from being able to vote on that same poll.

In my organization, we regularly use polls to select meeting dates.

What I’ll typically do is:

  1. Let a poll go for a day or two and then take a look at the top dates for the meeting
  2. Put a hold on my personal calendar for the top three dates assuming that one of those three will be selected.
  3. Go back and vote on one or more of those top three dates

However, when I click the “Show Results” button there is no longer an option to vote on the poll. It would be nice to have the option to vote in the “Show Results” view of the poll. I like the way the “Show results” orders the poll results (most popular on top) and don’t want to change that aspect of things, but just add the ability to cast my votes from that view.