View X hidden replies logic

(Brett Bendickson) #1

The admins for a new forum we are putting up are curious to know the logic behind when “view X hidden replies” appears. I’m having trouble giving a definitive answer and can’t figure out the trend. Can anyone clarify?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

When discussions get long they can get summarized, showing messages that are deemed interesting (likes, and I think, read time affect that). The summarize display also will let you click on a user, showing only that user’s posts. In either of these cases, you’ll get that “hidden replies” bar.

(Kane York) #3

“View X hidden posts” occurs when:

  • You are using the “Summarize This Topic” view
  • You have user filters enabled (open usercard, “Show 17 posts in topic”)
  • You are a staff member and the post is deleted, and you are NOT using the “Show Deleted Posts” view